Evolve Teens

 Evolving teens was built on the idea of allowing the youth the freedom to express their desire for God and to discuss things going on around them in an environment where the scripture is broken down and can be applied to practical life issues and situations. Our youth group is the place where our teens can grow into the adults God called them to be through fellowship, fun, and the word. If you are interested in joining the teens group chat, click this link!


Check - in

9:00am Service
8:45am - 910am
10:30am Service 
12:00pm Service 
11:45am- 12:10pm
 We have volunteers that will assist you with registration if this is your first time here. If you are returning, you can check your children in and take them directly to their classroom.    

During Service

After check-in has closed all doors for children's church will be locked an only approved volunteers  will be able to enter during this time. If parents are needed the our children coordinator will send a message to the approved guardian  that  assistance is need. Our kids culture, is learn and have fun while being safe.  


9:00am Service
10:00am - 10:10am
10:30am Service
12:00pm Service
1:00pm- 1:15pm
Please bring your wristband that you received during check-in when picking your children up after service. The teacher will be there to assist you in anyway needed and inform you how much your children enjoyed class today!
Are you looking to be apart of the teens ministry? Are you someone with a calling to the teens to assist in developing their faith and relationship with God? Follow these next few steps to begin walking in that calling!