Evolving Singles

Our Evolving Singles Ministry is  for adult single believers to elevate & evolve in their spiritual walk with Christ, personal & social lives, know how valuable & unique they are to the Kingdom, and to minister to specific needs.  

We stimulate/encourage healthy, positive relationships between singles and the body of Christ by empowering like-minded individuals to live a victorious life in Jesus Christ. To strengthen their worship, word, and works in a judgement free prayer zone as single, evolving, redeemed, valuable, anointed, nourished, and triumphant individuals!

Because of the diversity of what being single looks like, we wanted to make sure that every stage of singleness is being given attention. Learn more about each group that we have to see if any of them speak to you!

Better With Time
This group is for individuals who are at least 40 years old and are single. Those in this group are actively looking for a relationship with God while discussing some of the present issues they face, while being a single Christian.
Focused On Me
Ready To Date
This group is for individuals who's not interested in looking for a relationship right now but they are looking to heal, grow and develop personally. Those who join this group are looking for a relationship with God above any other relationship! 
Contrary to popular belief, it is okay to date as a Christian! However, dating needs to be something that is done with strategy, tact and also led by the Spirit of God. Those who join this group are looking for that wisdom and guidance for a successful and productive dating experience