Evolving minds

Evolving Minds is a mental health ministry committed to helping people build their mental, physical, emotional & spiritual states to enhance their mental health. 

Our Services

Faith Based Counseling

We approach counseling from the basis of faith in Jesus and psychological concepts. For those who take part in this, our goal is to improve their mental health and relationships. (There is a fee associated with this counseling)

Christian Meditation

Christian meditation is about having a purposeful relationship with God. Through meditation, you gain: greater control over your thoughts,
emotions, and actions, an enhanced prayer life, reading and reflecting on scriptures, strengthening your ability to hear from God, and many other health advantages. (Please note that there is a fee)

Group Sessions

We offer group sessions to spread knowledge and
information about mental health issues and everyday situations while providing support,
coping mechanisms, learning tools, and biblical understandings. (These sessions are free)

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Premarital Counseling

Are you engaged? Are you moving forward and taking the next steps in your relationship to marriage? You are able to sign up for premarital counseling today! 

Couples/Marriage Counseling

 If you are dating or are currently married and are looking to mend broken areas in your relationship or continue to strengthen your relationship. We encourage you to sign up for couples/marriage counseling! 

Individual Counseling

If you are in need of guidance, direction or rest. You have come to the right place. Book your appointment today to see what God has in store for you! 

Youth Counseling

Have you tried over and over again to have a breakthrough with your child or youth that you know, but just have not been successful? We now offer independent counseling sessions for youth! Ages range from 10 to 17 years old. They can come and be vulnerable about topics they may feel intimidated to discuss and receive help. 

Family Counseling 

There's nothing stronger than a united family! We also know that families go through the greatest attacks. We are very much invested in building and strengthening families. We are ready to help restore your family. Are you? 

If you have any additional questions, please email the Evolve Christian Counselor at evolvingminds@evolvenation.org